Love Letter To Soufriere, St Lucia
Love Letter To Soufriere, St Lucia

Love Letter To Soufriere, St Lucia

Soufriere town

Why You Should Visit Soufriere – My Saint Lucian Home Away From Home. My Maximum Chill.

Follow the winding road south, through the rich rainforest that cradles Saint Lucia and you will find Soufriere. Nestled in a deep valley fenced with rainforest with the proud goalposts of the Pitons rising up on either side, is the colourful and welcoming fishing town that was once the capital of Saint Lucia.

Soufriere has that understated, slow and steady Caribbean buzz. A rainbow of wooden houses radiate their hues into the streets, stood up proudly on their stilts or gazing out from their porches that span the neighbourhood and spread up the hill as the town slips into the forest and turns to wilderness. 

This small corner is the heart of the south, the perfect base for exploring the natural beauty of the island and has a community with a lot of soul. 

While you could easily tick off the highlights of southern Saint Lucia in a jam-packed day tour from the north or from the comfort of your resort – hiking the Pitons or simply admiring them from the boat – you would be missing out on a treasure.

Spend a while settling into island time in this small town, sipping rums or a cold Piton on its many volcanic beaches, soaking your troubles away in the volcano-warmed mineral baths or trekking through the rainforest to find hidden waterfalls you can shower in and bathe beneath. 

By night, you will find reggae, soca and – to my surprise – a whole lot of country & western music pouring out into the streets from the bars and restaurants. Take yourself to Reeno’s Bar or Hummingbird Beach Park mid-week and locals and tourists alike will be belting their karaoke hits out to everyone who will listen and letting the rum punch flow. 

The road to Hummingbird Beach

Street food is cheap and always cheerful here, and on Friday evenings you can catch the buzz of the fish fry.

The alleyways are stretched with fizzling BBQs and the smell of chargrilled fresh-fresh seafood waft through the streets, with every establishment singing the praises of their homemade green fig salad and excitedly waiting for your review.

Compared to its neighbour Anse Le Raye (the best fry in the south?) or the famous fry meets street party the “Gros Islet Jump Up” in the north, this is an understated affair but it is small and contented. Once we were a few seafood skewers down and had exchanged stories with some new friendly faces, we ambled our way back, rum infused, well fed and feeling right at home. 

They say good vibes are infectious and so are the local’s love for their town. Every day I bumped into a host of new people offering me directions (no need to ask) or simply checking I’d got with the Lucian programme and was achieving that “maximum chill”.

Being a big city girl, relaxing isn’t in my nature but in Saint Lucia I was shown the way. This district is in equal measures rustic beauty, adventure, and pure relaxation, and I lost count of the people who were eager to share a glimpse of its magic with me.

Hummingbird Beach

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