Top 10 Best Things To Do In Beautiful St Lucia
Top 10 Best Things To Do In Beautiful St Lucia

Top 10 Best Things To Do In Beautiful St Lucia

Here is my guide to Southern Saint Lucia – the best 10 things to do and places to visit to make your trip to this paradise island truly special.

Home to stunning rainforest, hidden waterfalls (that you can bathe in!) and hot springs, world class snorkelling, the Hotel Chocolat plantation as well as countless hits for the adrenaline junkies and hikers among us! Southern Saint Lucia is one of the most naturally beautiful places I have had the pleasure to visit and has something for everyone.

A word of warning – it’s easy to settle into island time in Saint Lucia and while your time away with a cocktail in hand, but – if you can move from your sun lounger – here are some worthwhile pitstops to make in between rums…

Waterfalls, hot springs and mineral baths

Visiting the Caribbean is all about winding down and nothing will help you achieve your zen like a dip in one of the island’s many waterfalls and thermal mineral baths. Here is my guide.

Drive through volcano and spa

Your trip to Saint Lucia is not complete without visiting the world’s only drive through volcano. This a must-do!

Hotel Chocolat

This was our splash-out activity. £100/120US$ gets you a guided and very informative 2.5 hour tour of the Hotel Chocolat estate and the chance to make your very own chocolate bar FROM SCRATCH. This is such a unique activity and I could not recommend it more.

The estate itself is vast and STUNNING and our guide Taj (aka Mr Jiggy) was knowledgeable, friendly and went above and beyond to answer our questions. By the end of your visit you will have a full understanding of the chocolate farming/making process and have the chance to name your own cocoa tree that will be planted at the plantation.

Once school-time is over and you have been fully briefed on how chocolate is made, it’s time to put these lessons into action.

With the expertise and encouragement of the amazing staff, you get to make your own chocolate from scratch – “from bean to bar”! This takes quite a lot of elbow grease to do by hand and was a really fun bonding activity for the group! Your bar gets freeze blasteded so you can take it home with you which is seriously cool.

To be honest, this experience was not within our budget but we justified it on the basis that we’d be getting lunch included. We’d heard a lot of hype about the food which is served market-style so we as much of the menu as they would allow and we were very excited. Let me tell you, the food here is SWEET. The concept here is chocolate-everythaang. I am a big chocolate lover but they went to some extreme measures including it in every dish and it sadly does not always pay off.

The white chocolate mash is their best seller but must be for the novelty factor as it was quite overwhelming. Equally, the chicken roti was flavoursome but the chocolate chips in it seemed unnecessary and was not a welcome surprise to my senses.

That said, the ice cream sundae is oustanding and the views for your table… well, those are unparalleled!

Tet Paul Nature Trail

One of the island’s most beloved trails and my personal favourite! Tet Paul Nature Trail is a lovingly maintained 1km circular nature trail offering unparalleled views of the island. The trail ultimately leadis to the “Stairway To Heaven” showcasing panoramic views of both Pitons, the ocean and Soufriere village below.

This is not suitable for anyone with mobility concerns but this is a much more manageable hike compared to the Pitons and the pay-off is huge. This is also budget friendly at only 10US$ and just outside of the charming town of Soufriere.

Hike the Gros Piton

Balance your beach time with a little action – hiking the Gros Piton is well worth it for standout views of the island. The government has recently increased the entrance fee to a hefty 50US$ per adult, but this includes an official guide so you will be in safe and experienced hands.

Hike/climb! the Petit Piton

Hike the Petit Piton for the best views of the island. This is one for the brave – you will need a guide or a friendly local to show you the ropes. Literally, some sections of this are more like rock climbing than a hike!

Beaches, Snorkelling and Diving

The great thing about St Lucia is that all beaches are open to the public. So regardless of your budget, no beach is off limits.

There are endless luxury resorts to stay in, treat yourself to a day pass or simply lay your towel down on the sand free of charge. From Soufriere, you are just a short road or water taxi away from:

Anse Chastnet Beach

Anse Chastnet is home to one of the most luxurious resorts on the island, Jade Mountain!

This is locally known as the “black beach” due to the dark volcanic sand. This is a sheltered bay lined with rainforest and a sandy beach. The calm, turquoise water is crystal clear and the beach is spotless. This offers the best of both words – you can enjoy delicious food and cocktails from the resort’s restaurant and beach bar or walk further down for more secluded vibes and some quiet R&R.

The Marine National Park at Anse Chastenet is renowned for snorkelling and diving. You will find an array of colourful tropical fish on the reef as well as schools of open-water fish.

Getting there – We drove up the steep, very rocky and poorly maintained road from Soufriere, just up from Soufriere Beach Park. This is not for the faint hearted as we felt like the car might shake into pieces at any given moment. I would only recommend this path if you have an SUV, otherwise a water taxi is your best bet.

Sugar Beach

Sugar Beach is a white sand beach at the Sugar Beach, Viceroy resort which inhabits the former 100-acre Jalousie Plantation. This is the picturesque Caribbean beach you dreamed about, with the Pitons on either side and palm trees rising up all the way along.

• The resort here is EXPENSIVE. We took bets on the price of the sun beds and all lost, we were quoted 50US$ for the day per bed, with nada included except for a sad, lonely towel. The beds are cute though… but if you’re on a budget I recommend laying down your towel and taking a picnic.

• If you’re saving pennies, bring cash for the cocktail boat on the beach. Whether you fancy a wholesome smoothie or a bespoke cocktail using all fresh ingredients, they got you covered.

• You can find the Anse Piton Marine Reserve here, offering some of the best snorkelling on the island. Tours from the North will often stop off here in the afternoon, so morning is advisable to beat the crowds.

• Getting there – Non-guests are not permitted to drive down to the resort but there is a shuttle for guests (or very lucky/charming hitchhikers like us). You can take a taxi to the gate and walk down but this is crazy STEEP and I for one would never have made it back up. I recommend a water taxi from Soufriere Beach Park, at least for the route back.

Best Things To Do - Sugar Beach

Hummingbird Beach

Hummingbird Beach is not about to win any awards for its sand (this is a volcanic island after all) but nothing beats watching sunset with a rum punch or a Piton in hand while gazing over the water looking straight at the Piton.

• Soufriere Beach Park is a buzzing local haunt. This very affordable bar hosts will keep you well watered from the afternoon and hosts well attended karaoke nights and BBQs. You can also drop by here for Chester’s popular Action Adventure Divers, water taxis, tours or simply a local hang out.

• Fancy a sit down? Walk a couple steps up the beach to Seashells cafe/restaurant or treat yourself to some fine cuisine at Orlando’s.

• Getting there – an easy amble from Soufriere town centre

Botanical Gardens

One of the few activities in-town that doesn’t require any transport from Soufriere, this is a great way to spend a leisurely morning or afternoon. Take a wander and learn about the abundant tropical vegetation that covers the island, and check out the Diamond Falls and its ever-changing coloured waters.

For our adrenaline junkies… zipling

Aerial tram, nature trails and canopy zip-line all in one at the Rainforest Adventures St Lucia.

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